Start as we mean to go on

Whilst trends come and go, leadership and investing in the development of staff at all levels remains key to a successful and profitable business.

Increasingly, organisations that invest in the development of their leaders are looking to offer their staff an opportunity to gain a widely recognised qualification. Many of our clients expressed an interest in the qualification route but they didn’t want to lose our practical business-centred approach. We therefore set about finding a qualification that had the flexibility to meet the business need and through our partnership with a leading UK provider, Oaktree Management and Training Ltd, we can offer the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) qualifications as part of our management development programmes, which is already proving very popular.

Leadership and Management Programmes

With the increasing popularity of the ILM Qualification, over the last few years we have delivered many intensive management and leadership programmes to a wide variety of clients. Market conditions are tough and in most of these organisations there is a pressure to do more with fewer resources. In these pressured circumstances the exceptional leaders shine, while the rest need additional support and development. In my experience, most managers (with one or two exceptions!!) know what they need to do to motivate and engage staff and improve performance. They recognise the need to give feedback or have that difficult conversation and that teams perform better than groups.” Angela goes on to say: “The challenge is putting it into practise. When there is the constant pressure of deadlines, it is easy to forget the basics and fall into the trap of constantly prioritising task management over people management. That is why our management programmes go beyond helping managers understand WHAT they need to do and focus on the HOW and developing practical tools and techniques that work for them.”