Performance & Skills Coaching

Performance/Skills Coaching is a blend of one-to-one training and coaching which provides a cost-effective, flexible and adaptive “just in time” approach to skills development

Many of our clients really value this approach when circumstances make it difficult to take part in formal group training sessions.  For example, through time pressures, availability of suitable training courses or the need for newly promoted managers to get up to speed quickly.

Such a direct approach, tailored specifically to one individual, can help to quickly address many different issues for example

  • Developing Confidence-Presenting, Networking, Tackling Tricky Situations
  • Business Development -Strategic Planning, Closing the Deal, Negotiation, Presenting
  • Performance Management – Motivation, Time Management & Delegation, Feedback
  • Communication -Influencing, Negotiation, Report Writing, Difficult Conversations
  • Management Development -Fast-tracking someone prior to or following a promotion
  • Managing Change
  • Dealing with Conflict & Personality Clashes


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