Performance Management

Performance management is essentially about getting the most from your most valuable asset – your people. It involves motivating and guiding staff to improve where necessary to meet objectives, as well as holding them to account for their performance.

Traditionally, this has been carried out through formal and informal processes associated with the annual appraisal. But some employers have questioned the value of these methods in today’s challenging and fast-moving business environment.   For example, while specific goals work well with straightforward activities, they may not be so good in relation to more complex, unfamiliar tasks.  A new approach, moving towards continuous appraisal methods, can be more effective.

Select can work with you to:

  • Set up a new system from scratch.
  • Adapt and update your existing system.
  • Provide training to staff and management to get the best out of their performance management system.

Good communication – between managers and individual staff members – is key to successful performance management whatever system you use.  If managers are to engage their staff they must take a collaborative approach and hold them to account for their performance –  a skill that needs to be learnt.


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