Writing for Business

The what, when & how of business correspondence


The corporate image of any organisation depends largely on its written communications – i.e. letters, emails, and reports – yet relatively few people have been trained in the art of business writing.  During this one-day workshop, delegates will learn and practise the skills of writing logically within a structure, expressing their ideas concisely, fluently and persuasively, in order to convey a professional image.


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Plan written work & define your objectives clearly
  • Collect and organise data logically
  • Achieve accuracy, conciseness and clarity – avoiding jargon
  • Prepare correspondence for a variety of written purposes
  • Create a positive impact in any written medium


Individuals who need to refine their written work and presentation to produce communications that are concise, accurate and clearly understood.

1/2 day

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