Managing Challenging Clients & Situations

A positive approach to problematic interactions


Demanding clients are both a challenge and an opportunity and need to be approached within that context.  Balancing their needs against what is possible – and permissible – is a fine line that can lead to problems if you stray on either side. Designed to enable participants to recognise and deal with these issues as they arise, this course offers a framework to keep clients satisfied by resolving or preventing problems before they escalate.


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Build stronger working relationships with clients
  • Identify and accommodate different behaviour styles and preferences
  • Better understand the intentions of others
  • Recognise and defuse potential problems before they escalate
  • Tackle a diverse range of client interactions with confidence


Ideal for anyone in a client-facing role who needs to develop a confident approach dealing with challenging situations

1 day

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