Difficult Conversations

A positive approach to problematic interactions


Many of us avoid difficult conversations, hoping the issue will go away.  This course is designed to build confidence in recognising and dealing issues as they arise and before they escalate.   


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Encourage positive conflict and open debate to generate new ideas.
  • Foster trust and cooperation to overcome resistance in others
  • Effectively manage the perception and expectation of others
  • Recognise the need to have difficult conversations promptly.
  • Use a framework to structure conversations, to give feedback, resolve disagreements, build acceptance and overcome resistance.
  • Be persuasive without becoming abrasive


Managers, team leaders or supervisors who want to develop the confidence and ability to have difficult conversations before they escalate.

1 day

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Available Dates

13th July 2022

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