“The course has equipped our staff with the confidence to deal with all the changes we’ve faced recently, smoothing the transition to the Utmost group.  For our part, we really appreciated the opportunity to work so closely with Select on the course content, making it very relevant to our situation.” 

Caroline Shakerley, HR Director, Utmost Worldwide

Select was approached by one of its clients, Insurance provider Generali Worldwide, to develop and run a training programme to support their managers through a period of considerable change – the company’s  acquisition by Utmost, a multinational insurance group.  

With a brief to build performance and guide people to ‘lead rather than manage’, Select tailored a package of training techniques to draw out and enhance relevant skills, equipping managers to relate to staff more flexibly and with greater ‘emotional intelligence’. 

The client wanted the training to be practical and focussed on their business and values, and for their staff to walk away with a recognised qualification at the end of the day.  The training comprised one whole day, followed by eight half day sessions (over six months), with some work given in between to embed learning in everyday work situations. 

Team building was identified as critical to better performance, so the training also focussed on developing a sense of accountability and responsibility and achieving a stronger team ethos.

Armed with these new techniques and the confidence to use them, managers are now much better placed to handle difficult conversations and situations, helping to resolve performance issues and smooth the change process. 


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