Norman Piette

“As CEO, my objective was to identify future managers and therefore we needed something to challenge some of our potential leaders. We wanted it to be tailored to our industry but also to introduce new ideas from outside, hence the need to involve an external tutor in Select Training. The ILM suited us perfectly as we were able choose the topics which we felt most relevant and to use real examples/case studies with which the candidates could identify from within their working daily life.

We have been delighted with the feedback from those who worked to achieve the recognised qualification and we would recommend ILM and Select Training to anyone who has sufficient numbers to train and develop for management.”

Paul N Rogers, CEO, NP Group

Norman Piette is Guernsey’s leading supplier of building materials.  The company is keen to develop ‘rising stars’ who are currently in first line management, equipping them to move into more senior roles as they become available, rather than recruiting from outside.  The ILM was chosen as the most appropriate training tool to prepare staff for future promotion and gain new skills in their current jobs.

Candidates for the course were invited to selection interviews, to assess their commitment to the year-long programme.

Given the type of business, many of the participants were more practiced in hands-on rather than office skills.  Initially the Level 3 ILM was proposed, but such was the group’s level of commitment that it was decided to aim for the more ambitious Level 5.     The staff put huge effort into the course, more than justifying this decision.

Starting in early 2019, Select Training ran 10 monthly sessions interspersed with smaller events.  Skills gained through workshop tasks, chosen for their relevance to the business, were cemented through ‘real life’ practice at work.  For example, the group looked at different leadership and learning styles, helping them engage and motivate staff and adapt on-the-job training to individual staff members.

As the course ended each participant gave a presentation to the company’s board, outlining what they had learnt for the future, and how it had changed the way they worked.  Delegation, making staff feel supported rather than micromanaged and dealing with difficult conversations were amongst those highlighted.

Norman Piette

Builders' Supplier